Ranking every Kansas City Chiefs starting quarterback since 1990

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6. Steve DeBerg (1988-91)

It’s actually quite amazing that Steve DeBerg is remembered for anything positive at all in Kansas City.

For any NFL fans who remember him outside of K.C., DeBerg was a mediocre quarterback stuck on miserable teams. He went 1-10 as a starter in his first season and 2-13 in his second. Outside of Kansas City, DeBerg’s teams went 22-66 (yes, 22 wins and 66 losses), and yet he found employment again and again.

Somehow the tide turned for DeBerg in his four seasons with the Chiefs. His previous high in wins in any season was 5 with the Buccaneers in ‘84, but he eclipsed that total and then doubled it twice while in K.C. His record with the Chiefs was 31-20, and a guy who never sniffed a single Pro Bowl was voted No. 6 overall in the MVP race. He even took the Chiefs to the postseason in two of those four years and landed a Wild Card win over the Raiders in ‘91.