Ranking every Kansas City Chiefs starting quarterback since 1990

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19. Warren Moon (2000)

Of all of the names on this list, this one is most likely to elicit an "Oh, yeah!" from Chiefs Kingdom, a lost bit of trivia that will have long-time fans even remembering that Moon ever played for the franchise in the first place.

Warren Moon is, of course, known to football fans as the longtime Oilers legend who is a member of both the Canadian Football Hall of Fame (with a stellar run in Edmonton) and the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton. He didn’t even start playing in the NFL until the age of 28, but he lasted 17 full seasons with the Oilers, Minnesota Vikings, Seattle Seahawks, and Chiefs.

For his final two seasons as a professional quarterback, Moon turned in his only two years as a backup in Kansas City, which means the Chiefs are the only team who employed him who never knew what it was like to watch him work as arguably the most productive quarterback to ever play the game (the dude threw 435 total touchdowns in his professional football career).

As a sign that it was time to hang it up, Moon got a late-season start against the Chargers in 2000, and the Chiefs lost by a single point despite a miserable showing from Moon (12 completions on 31 attempts, 1 interception). It’s a small but sad anecdote about an otherwise glorious career—and it’s unfortunate that none of the heroics happened in K.C.