Ranking Chiefs biggest NFL draft gems of the last decade

The Chiefs hit it big with these draft gems!

2013 NFL Draft
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2. Chris Jones

Some might wonder why a second-round pick is worthy of being included here but be honest -- When the Chiefs traded out of the first round and took Jones early in the second round in 2016, did you think he'd go on to have the kind of impact he has for Kansas City?

Exactly. That's what makes Jones a draft gem.

Not only is Jones a three-time Super Bowl champion but he's had a massive imprint during every run. In Super Bowl LIV, he batted down a pass from Jimmy Garoppolo that prevented the 49ers from moving the ball. In the run to the Super Bowl LVII title, Jones had two crucial sacks on Joe Burrow in the AFC Championship Game, one of which came in the final minutes and forced the Bengals to kick the ball back to Kansas City. Then, in Super Bowl LVIII, Jones hurried Brock Purdy on a key third down that forced the 49ers to kick a field goal, leaving the door open for KC to win the game.

A second-round pick might not normally be looked at as a draft gem but Chris Jones has far exceeded what was expected of him when he was drafted by the Chiefs in 2016.