Ranking Chiefs biggest NFL draft gems of the last decade

The Chiefs hit it big with these draft gems!

2013 NFL Draft
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Now that the Kansas City Chiefs have their franchise quarterback, they have to make sure that each and every draft pick counts. As is the case with every team, the Chiefs have swung and missed on draft prospects but they've also made it count where a lot of teams don't, which is in the later rounds.

A draft gem doesn't necessarily have to be a late-round pick. A draft gem could simply be someone who has accomplished what seemed like near-impossible things when the Chiefs selected him.

So, with the definition out of the way, let's take a look at the biggest Chiefs draft gems over the past decade.

8. Nick Allegretti

How can a player drafted in the seventh round not be considered a draft gem as long as they provide something pivotal for the team? That was my logic when including Nick Allegretti on the draft gems list.

Allegretti, a seventh-round pick out of Illinois by the Chiefs in 2019, went on to appear in 74 games during his five-year stint in Kansas City and started 13 games during that time. What will make Allegretti go down as a Chiefs legend is when he filled in for an injured Joe Thuney throughout the playoffs and performed admirably. He managed to play solid football despite having a torn UCL in the Super Bowl. Talk about a dog!

When it comes to seventh-round picks for the Chiefs, Allegretti will go down as one of the best in franchise history.