Ranking the best KC Chiefs uniform combinations

After Clark Hunt ended dreams of a Chiefs alternate, how do the past versions rank?
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2. Red on White

If Cheifs fans want a traditional combination, the home kit is the way to go.

The red jersey on its own is iconic, as no other team sports a team with quite that shade of red. Looking at you, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Pair it with the white pants, showcasing some of those grass stains, that certainly helps this combination work better.

There is something to be said about it connecting better with the fans in the stands. While the color rush jerseys blend in too much with the fans, these stand out just enough. The red jerseys are among the top sellers for Chiefs fans, establishing a visual connection with the players on the field. I only owned one jersey in my life, and it was a red Trent Green jersey when I was a kid. I always loved seeing the Chiefs trot onto the field in their home uniforms while wearing my Green jersey, seeing that these football juggernauts wore the same thing I did.

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1. White on White

These are it. These are the ones, and it is not particularly close.

This combination may not be as iconic as others, but it is brought out for special occasions., After all, the Chiefs wore white jerseys and white pants in Super Bowl I against the Green Bay Packers. Legendary Chiefs coach Marty Schottenheimer brought back the combination in 1989 as well. It became a rarer sight though, and it is always a welcome one for Chiefs fans.

Imagine this with an alternate white helmet. The neutral white against the green grass and the opposition's colorful home uniforms just pairs together so well. Plus, the red and yellow stripe mirrors on the jersey and pants provide further continuity.

We want to hear from you! What is your favorite combination?