Ranking the best KC Chiefs uniform combinations

After Clark Hunt ended dreams of a Chiefs alternate, how do the past versions rank?

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Two Kansas City Chiefs humble legends
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4. Red on Red

The NFL's color rush push was a fever dream, wasn't it? It was a way the league tried to spice up Thursday Night Football, and it made for some iconic looks. The Raiders may be last place in my heart, but that white and silver color rush combination was amazing—one of the top kits from that time. But, Kansas City's red jerseys and red pants were not among the league's best. They were far from the worst, with eye-burning combinations from the Seattle Seahawks and Chicago Bears.

The red-on-red combination looked like it belonged in Heinz Field, with players looking like ketchup bottles. They might have been better if the team just didn't take their normal red pants and normal red jerseys and call that the color rush. There are some small gripes with it, such as substituting more yellow for less white, or vice versa. But, seeing these uniforms washed out against the Arrowhead faithful detracted from this combination. It looked satisfactory in Oakland, with a lot of black and white in the crowd. But, fans should not be clamoring for the Ketchup Kit to make a Komeback.

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3. White on Red

This uniform gets the edge over its predecessor simply because of recency bias. The Chiefs have several great games and moments in this kit, with the recent Super Bowl victory over the Philadelphia Eagles on that resume. Other than that, this combination is nothing special. There is nothing especially terrible about them either.

As Hunt spoke of, the white jersey and red pants look dates back to the Dallas Texans' days. That combo is a great homage and all, but it still leaves much to be desired.