Ranking the best KC Chiefs uniform combinations

After Clark Hunt ended dreams of a Chiefs alternate, how do the past versions rank?
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Honorable Mention: 2009 Home and Road "Dallas Texans" Throwbacks

So, this is a tough one because A.) it is not coming back anytime soon or, B.) because, well, it is not technically the Chiefs. It is the Chiefs cosplaying as the Dallas Texans. The Chiefs visiting the Dallas Cowboys, with both teams wearing their respective throwback uniform, was a sight to see.

It displayed a simpler time of football, all while taking place in Arrowhead itself. It was a memorable moment, especially as the Chiefs struggled to win games during that time. Forgotten legend Miles Austin made his best case for the Ring of Honor in the home Dallas Texans kit. But, like Austin, this uniform combination remains forgotten for the most part.

The Chiefs wore the road Dallas Texans uniform against the Oakland Raiders, and those are my favorite. Nothing screams rough-and-tumble, hard-nosed football more than a uniform that shows every single grass stain. Running back Jamaal Charles wore that uniform, causing a visual overlap that is jarring to the modern fan.

The Chiefs have not signaled any sort of return to these uniforms, and there is no expectation for them to do so. After all, unless it is a tasteful rendition of a previous uniform, true throwbacks are not common anymore. The Jets' new uniforms, which they will wear against the Chiefs, are the only throwbacks this year that are the same. Even the throwbacks in 2009 were not the same, keeping them out of my normal rankings. To each their own though, right?