Raiders fans suffer complete meltdown after embarrassing loss to Bears

Can you blame them?

Las Vegas Raiders v Chicago Bears
Las Vegas Raiders v Chicago Bears / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

Las Vegas is used to sending people home frustrated. Perhaps that's why the Raiders fit right in.

On a Sunday afternoon in which the Raiders had a wonderful opportunity to actually climb north of .500 midway through an NFL season for once, they ended up laying the worst egg of all. Against quarterback Tyson Bagent (playing for an injured Justin Fields) and the miserable Chicago Bears (among the worst teams in the NFL), the Raiders ended up losing by 18.

Yeah, that's Bagent and the Bears with a 30-12 win over the Raiders that actually wasn't even that close until a garbage time score.

What makes this loss so much more embarrassing than just another defeat for the Raiders is that they were facing a quarterback who just recently finished his collegiate career at Shepherd University. He went from playing against the Colorado School of Mines to facing the Raiders—and he won.

After the loss, the Raiders fell to 3-4 overall but any sense of hope from even those three victories have completely melted away. In fact, fans are ready to revolt with calls to boycott Allegiant Stadium and to fire head coach Josh McDaniels. Perhaps Ted Nguyen puts it best when he makes a list of the games that the Raiders simply cannot lose (and, of course, they do).

Others added more context to the misery but it was all the same.

We have a lot of respect for this fan in particular, who decides a nice cold dip is the only thing to help wash away this feeling.

The calls for McDaniel's head are coming through loud and clear from fans at this point.

After a while, it's almost enough to start feeling bad for the Raiders. At the very least, I feel like the team should give this guy what he wants.