Predicting the next 3 moves for the Chiefs in free agency

Let's look at the next few steps we can expect to see from Brett Veach and the Chiefs this spring.

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A Justin Reid extension

For all of the youth in the Chiefs' secondary, Brett Veach has always paid one safety rather handsomely to serve as the de facto leader of the group. After years of Tyrann Mathieu leading the early charge for Steve Spagnuolo's pass defense, it's been Justin Reid for each of the last two seasons.

Now Reid is coming into a contract year for the Chiefs and the rest of the secondary looks as green as ever, especially if Sneed is really traded away.

For next season, the Chiefs can roll with third-year safety Bryan Cook starting in one spot and second-year defensive back Chamarri Conner playing an important subpackage role occupied by Mike Edwards last season. With plenty of young corners as well on rookie deals, it makes sense to potentially address Reid's contract for multiple reasons to offer up an extension.

First any new deal with Reid would push the larger amounts into the future where the rising salary cap will help alleviate any raises. For a Chiefs team that could use a bit more financial breathing room this year, an extension is a good short-term solution.

Second, in the long-term view, Reid is providing the on-field production and solid leadership the Chiefs envisioned him bringing to the table in the first place. Instead of worrying about a potential departure, it makes sense to add another season or two to his contract and lengthen the relationship as long as both parties are satisfied.

More than anything, if this sort of extension is going to happen, it makes sense to do it before free agency hits when the financial ramifications are most valuable.