Predicting the next 3 moves for the Chiefs in free agency

Let's look at the next few steps we can expect to see from Brett Veach and the Chiefs this spring.

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A L'Jarius Sneed trade

No one wants to lose Sneed in any capacity after he showed the ability to lock down the best opposing receiver time and again—including some of the biggest names in the NFL. He's coming into his own at age 27 and should be a major impact in any secondary due to his versatility and skill set.

That said, can the Chiefs afford to pony up another big defensive contract in the same offseason as Jones? That's the big question and we think the answer is no—at least in saying that the Chiefs know it's not good business to pay someone at the height of their value.

This means a trade works out best for the Chiefs to at least get something back for Sneed. The Detroit Lions have shown interest, per rumors. So have the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Arizona Cardinals make more sense than any team given their need, set-up, and cap space. And you can be sure several more teams are circling with interest, too.

We're not sure what gets it done or which team will win the sweepstakes, but we're pretty sure we'll be talking about a Sneed trade sometime soon.