Podcast: Predicting the impact of Chiefs rookies in 2023

Texas Tech v Kansas State
Texas Tech v Kansas State / Peter G. Aiken/GettyImages

The 2022 rookie class for the Kansas City Chiefs will likely be immortalized as one of the greatest ever. In that draft, the Chiefs had 10 picks and 9 of them made the active roster. Seven of them were serious contributors on a team that won it all in their first year, and the future, especially on defense, looks very bright with so many emerging playmakers at every level.

After such a rousing performance from last year's rookies, it has to be asked: What should the team expect from this year's class?

Given the overall depth and talent provided by last year's larger class, it feels unfair to expect this year's freshmen to pick up where they left off. After all, the playing time isn't going to be there for most players, even the top picks, and this year's class was only seven prospects strong as it is—not to mention last season had 2 first rounders. Basically in both quantity and quality, the 2023 class just won't have the same gusto.

After last year’s rookie class helped carry the Chiefs to a Super Bowl in 2022, just what should the Kingdom expect from this year’s first-year players.

Still this year's rookie class holds plenty of potential, especailly at major positions of need. The Chiefs brought in another anchor of a pass rusher, a potential starting tackle, a shiny new weapon at wide receiver and plenty of defensive depth.

On this episode of the Arrowhead Addict podcast, we took a look at what the Chiefs should expect from the rookies this year in 2023.

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