Podcast: AFC contenders are all falling down

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Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens
Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens / Todd Olszewski/GettyImages

Even when they’re not playing, the Kansas City Chiefs still come up big winners during their bye week.

It's amazing that the Chiefs were able to rest and recuperate during Week 10 after a major victory over the Miami Dolphins in Frankfurt, Germany in Week 9 and still come away with a greater margin in the standings and playoff picture following Week 10. Nearly every major AFC contender lost in the same week the Chiefs were able to "self-scout", as head coach Andy Reid put it. That's a nice week.

On this episode of the Arrowhead Addict podcast, Sterling Holmes and Matt Conner explore the state of the AFC in Week 11 to sort through what happened while the Chiefs were away. We also ask which players need more playing time in the second half and scour the injury list to see who is coming back for K.C. in the second half.

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