Patrick Mahomes' logo reveal on Texas Tech's football field is everything

Gotta do Jordan-sized things to be this generation's Jordan.
Baylor v Texas Tech
Baylor v Texas Tech / John E. Moore III/GettyImages

Gotta do Jordan-sized things to be this generation's Jordan.

Anything and everything remotely connected to Patrick Mahomes already feels larger than life, so of course, the logo reveal in the center of his alma mater's football field was going to be legendary.

On Monday, adidas, Mahomes' longtime sponsor and partner, put out an amazing post on social media unveiling their new logo placement at Texas Tech's home stadium—The Jones. We'll let you take a look for yourselves without burying the lede any further.

First, yes, you are right to be shocked—in a good way. That's a sweet unveiling and awesome idea execution. Even more than that, however, is the surprise at the logo proportions. Texas Tech's own logo is the same general weight and size as that of adidas and Mahomes. That is the unbelievable part.

Of course, the Red Raiders are smart to link their brand with their favorite son as much as they can. Despite being only 28 years old, Mahomes is already the greatest player in the National Football League and is well on his way to challenging Tom Brady for all-time supremacy at the quarterback position—if he hasn't already.

At this point, Mahomes is the Michael Jordan of his generation and this feels like a Jordanesque move, the sort of opportunity for whole organizations and entities to link with his branding—a genius marketing move on the part of the player.

(By the way, if this all feels weird, just remember that Eastern Michigan just renamed their field in honor of Raiders pass rusher Maxx Crosby, so this is becoming a thing.)