Patrick Mahomes lends winning insights to Mavericks hype vid because Cowboys cannot

I mean, how much is Dak Prescott going to tell you about championships?
Dallas Mavericks v Minnesota Timberwolves - Game Five
Dallas Mavericks v Minnesota Timberwolves - Game Five / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages

If you add Patrick Mahomes to anything, it gets better. Just ask the Dallas Mavericks.

We're not sure anyone has sought out Patrick Mahomes for anything voiceover-related before, but at this point, everything he touches is so automatically golden that we can completely understand why the Mavs would choose the Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback to add some spice to their latest hype video.

In case you're not a basketball fan, the Mavs are set to start a run at an NBA title on Thursday evening with Game 1 of the 2024 NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics. To get their fans even more excited, they put together this video on Instagram:

If it seems weird that Mahomes would be narrating something for the Mavs, you might have missed his presence courtside at Mavericks games. He's also a native Texan and knows a thing or two about preparing for a championship. Plus his social media has been quite supportive of the Mavs' current run of success.

Maybe it also says something about the current state of football in Dallas that they didn't trust someone from the Cowboys to provide real insight into winning. Good thing Mahomes is willing to lend a hand.