Patrick Mahomes has beaten every NFL team except the Chiefs

Here's hoping he never finds a way to add Kansas City to his "teams defeated" list.
Kansas City Chiefs v Minnesota Vikings
Kansas City Chiefs v Minnesota Vikings / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages

The only opponent left for Patrick Mahomes is the Kansas City Chiefs. And we're not referring to the Chiefs in some proverbial sense, as in "the Chiefs beat themselves" or a similar slogan.

After 99 games as a starter in the NFL, Mahomes has finally defeated his 31st opponent in the National Football League. On Sunday afternoon, with a trip to U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis for Week 5, Mahomes finally had the chance to add "Minnesota Vikings" to the long list of teams he's defeated since taking over for Alex Smith back in 2018.

That's 99 games to take out 31 opponents, meaning Mahomes has gone "around the world" and has now officially beaten every other NFL team in existence—except the Chiefs.

Here's hoping Mahomes never finds a way to add Kansas City to his "teams defeated" list.

If it sounds like a very impressive feat, it is. Remember how rarely teams play opponents from other conferences. If not for special circumstances due to injury, Mahomes could have faced the Vikings before, but he was unable to suit up last time and rotation of divisions among non-conference teams only bring them around again every four years. To miss a team one time around can mean waiting another full election cycle before getting another chance.

What's amazing is that this sort of career achievement is one of so many already earned by Mahomes in such a short span of time. It feels as if we've already forgotten more accolades and achievements on the part of Mahomes than most quarterbacks can even dream of reaching.

If misery loves company, then at least the Vikings can look around at other NFL teams and know they feel their pain. Mahomes has done it to everyone—well, except the Chiefs.