Patrick Mahomes does his best matador impersonation on DJ Reed

We're glad he was able to somehow sidestep DJ Reed running at full speed.

Kansas City Chiefs v New York Jets
Kansas City Chiefs v New York Jets / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

We're positive Patrick Mahomes will be the first to admit after this game that he did not have his best stuff working at MetLife Stadium during the team's game against the New York Jets on Sunday Night Football. However, there were still a few magical moments for Mahomes on display in Week 4 and that includes an odd matador-ial moment (if that's a word) that left us gasping.

On a frustrating third quarter drive in which the Chiefs were trying to get something going offensively, Mahomes was scrambling out of the pocket to his left trying to find someone open. As he's ready to step out of bounds, Jets defensive back D.J. Reed came in flying at full speed, ready to hit Mahomes with a scary move. Check out how this looks:

We're glad Mahomes was able to somehow sidestep DJ Reed running at full speed.

Yes, Mahomes was hit hard when falling down out of bounds by another player—the Jets' defense certainly deserves plenty of credit for playing well and making life difficult for the Chiefs offense—but it was amazing to see Mahomes somehow sidestep Reed and leave him running past him. It's as if Mahomes was a matador and Reed the bull. Just like that, Chiefs Kingdom gasped because the potential damage looked to be so great.

Mahomes has showcased some impressive moves in the biggest games of his career—including incredible touchdown scrambles, indescribable elusive manuevers in the pocket, and more. Now we can add somehow avoiding J.R. Reed at full speed to that list.