Overreacting to Mahomes, McDuffie and more from Chiefs-Vikings in Week 5

The Kansas City Chiefs left Minnesota as victors, but not all is well on Andy Reid's squad.
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Overreaction #3: Mahomes trusts Justin Watson. Chiefs fans should do the same.

Watch just Mahomes' throw on that play. That is a prayer. That is throw trusting his receiver down the field. I would pick a dozen other receivers over Justin Watson as Mahomes's target there. Kelce would be my favorite. Tyreek Hill during his time in Kansas City would be another favorite. But, this play and Watson's toe-dragging catch just show that the best quarterback in the league trusts Watson. It is time for fans to get with the program.

Watson was a free agency afterthought in both of the two previous offseasons. Sure, he was good at moments in 2022, but I cannot recall Chiefs Kingdom banging the drum for his return. This is not a victory lap, nor is it an "I told you so." I was a part of that line of thinking. I thought "Why should this guy take away targets from Kadarius Toney, Skyy Moore, or any other younger receiver?"

Now we know why the Chiefs signed him to a two-year deal. Now we know why Watson had the third-most snaps among Chiefs wide receivers this season. He has something a scout cannot see, nor a general manager can buy. He has chemistry and his quarterback's unwavering trust.

Is he Kansas City's bulk receiver or overall top wideout? No, according to Adam Best who said, "he doesn’t have a complete enough game." It is hard to disagree with that, but the fact remains he excels when Mahomes needs that downfield option. He is getting more and more comfortable in Andy Reid's system and when they call on him, he produces.

Watson had an absurd 29.0 average depth of target against the Vikings, but his 23.2 ADOT this season leads other Chiefs receivers by a wide margin. He trails only Kelce and rookie Rashee Rice in yards per route run, sitting at 2.02 after Week 5.

Do Chiefs fans need to ignore his shortcomings? No, Watson is not a top wide receiver. But, think twice before grumbling about his snap count or Mahomes targeting him in high-leverage situations. If Mahomes trusts Watson in those situations, there is a reason for t