Overreacting to Mahomes, McDuffie and more from Chiefs-Vikings in Week 5

The Kansas City Chiefs left Minnesota as victors, but not all is well on Andy Reid's squad.
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If you are here for more opinions about the officiating, keep it moving. The Kansas City Chiefs played a football game Sunday and their win should not be diminished by Minnesota Vikings fans' tears.

Sunday's game was far from perfect. This matchup held promise for a breakout game from the wide receivers, but Travis Kelce led the Chiefs in targets, receptions, and yards. We will watch his injury status ahead of Thursday Night Football very closely, but his resilient performance in the second half needs more attention.

How often do football fans see a player go down with a non-contact injury, go back for X-rays, and hear the worst? Chiefs fans expected the worst after Kelce went down ahead of halftime, but his return in the third quarter was pivotal in the game. 45 of his 67 yards came after that injury, including the Chiefs' final touchdown.

Anyone who watches football knows by now that Kelce is the best tight end in the game. The Minnesota defense talked the talk about containing Kelce ahead of the Week 5 matchup. But they failed to walk the walk and contain the 34-year-old veteran.

That needed to be said again. That is not an overreaction, but pure facts that Kansas City detractors would rather be forgotten. Thanks to Kelce and many others, the Chiefs left Minnesota with their fourth win on the season. What are the overreactions that fans need to hear?