No, the Chiefs aren't going to trade for Tee Higgins

Just stop it.

Kansas City Chiefs v Cincinnati Bengals
Kansas City Chiefs v Cincinnati Bengals / Andy Lyons/GettyImages

NFL free agency has begun and moments before it kicked off, Cincinnati Bengals receiver Tee Higgins made it clear that he wanted to be traded out of Cincinnati.

According to Adam Schefter, Higgins wants to be with the Bengals long-term but the team hasn't had any discussions about a long-term extension since last March.

You might be wondering what this has to do with the Kansas City Chiefs. Well, hold your horses I'm about to get there.

For whatever reason, some Chiefs fans seem to think that the team has a chance to land Higgins, which is not the case at all. As soon as the Bengals slapped the franchise tag on Higgins, the chances of him coming to K.C. were dashed for various reasons, yet that hasn't stopped people from continuing to link the former second-round pick to the Chiefs.

Even after the trade request news came, Shannon Sharpe still wanted to see Higgins land in K.C. As Gretchen got scolded in Mean Girls for trying to make fetch happen, people need to stop trying to make a deal for Higgins happen in K.C.

Here's why Tee Higgins won't end up with the Kansas City Chiefs.

First and foremost, the Bengals aren't the kind of team to trade their players. They're a better team with Higgins on the roster and they already franchise tagged him, so there's a solid chance that he plays on the tag in 2024.

Secondly, let's say the Chiefs did want to swing for the fences and land Higgins. They don't have the cap space to make a contract with the wide receiver happen, as they're currently sitting $5 million under the cap.

Thirdly, even if the Chiefs had enough money to make a contract happen with Higgins, there's little chance that the Bengals would trade him to Kansas City. Might I remind you that these two teams don't like each other and that's really the biggest reason we can point to why Higgins won't be wearing Chiefs red anytime soon.

Perhaps if Higgins was able to hit free agency and talk to whoever he wanted, this would be a different story. Even then, Kansas City wouldn't have had the money to pay Higgins what he feels he deserves to be paid.

This was never going to happen but people will keep wishing it into existence.