Nikko Remigio hopes for another promising preseason showing with Chiefs

It was only a year ago that Nikko Remigio was standing out for the Chiefs in preseason work.
Kansas City Chiefs v New Orleans Saints
Kansas City Chiefs v New Orleans Saints / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

The Kansas City Chiefs could use some answers at wide receiver. While social media posts are filled with conjecture about the potential of various outside sources, the truth is that if someone from the inside would just step up, that would be the most welcome turn of events.

Maybe, just maybe, Nikko Remigio can help.

It might sound weird to bring up Remigio's name of everyone on the Chiefs roster, but we quickly forget just how good Remigio looked among his peers just one year ago. And with one full season and offseason in the system under his belt, better things could be on the horizon.

It was only a year ago that Nikko Remigio was standing out for the Chiefs in preseason work.

First, a quick refresher. Remigio was a diminutive receiver from Fresno State who went undrafted in the 2023 NFL Draft last spring before the Chiefs signed him as a rookie free agent. Only a slight 5'9, Remigio profiled as a smaller slot who lacked top speed and overall measurables yet showcased excellent hands and an elusiveness that allowed him to excel on offense and special teams.

Before transferring to Fresno State, Remigio was a part-time player at Cal for four years who finally broke out in 2022 with 74 catches, 852 yards, and 6 scores. He also averaged 20 yards per punt return with 2 touchdowns on 13 attempts.

With limited production and a rather unimpressive pre-draft profile, it's hard to believe that Remigio made anyone notice him at all during the Chiefs preseason. However, some guys showcase another gear on the field, and those hands that were always his calling card earned him some notice in practice.

The Chiefs' own Twitter account helped spread the word of Remigio's standout practice work, no matter who was throwing him the ball.

His hard work and highlight-worthy catches in practice also carried over when wearing pads and a uniform. It's one thing to look good in a t-shirt and shorts, but Remigio even looked the part from the start of the team's first preseason game. He led all receivers in yards against the New Orleans Saints in preseason Week 1 with 71, including this tremendous catch in traffic from Chris Oladokun.

Unfortunately, a shoulder injury suffered early in training camp kept him out for the rest of the preseason. He was ultimately waived with an injury designation before being re-signed to the team's practice squad.

And, just like that, it was easy to forget about Nikko Remigio.

One year later, however, Remigio is back with the Chiefs for a second run on the offseason roster. Presumably his shoulder is healthy and it's a good sign that he's joined the cadre of receivers who are taking time to practice with Patrick Mahomes in Texas even before offseason training activities were scheduled to begin.

Remigio profiles as a Mecole Hardman or Richie James type of receiver, so the Chiefs aren't going to find their help outside here. That said, both of those vets are sitting in free agency and Remigio is in the driver's seat angling for a spot on the team's active roster as a return candidate and depth receiver.

No one is promising much here, but counting out Remigio from at least offering some internal help at the position would be foolish. He was already turning heads a year ago and now he's ready to do so again.