Nick Sirianni can now watch the Chiefs from the comforts of home

After winning his personal Super Bowl against the Chiefs, he can now watch them on television.

Philadelphia Eagles v Kansas City Chiefs
Philadelphia Eagles v Kansas City Chiefs / David Eulitt/GettyImages

What a year it's been for Nick Sirianni.

The Philadelphia Eagles head coach came into this season with the hopes of winning the Super Bowl after reaching the game last year only to fall to the Kansas City Chiefs. This year, he clearly came in ready to redefine what a Super Bowl for him meant and he accomplished it at midseason during his visit to K.C.—a game that was Sirianni's 2023 pinnacle and the ultimate revenge for not winning a real championship.

After winning his personal Super Bowl against the Chiefs, he can now watch them on television.

If that sounds a bit backward or even delusional, it is. We're just trying to make heads or tails of Sirianni's season.

Back on November 20, the Eagles came into Kansas City and beat them 21-17 in a regular season rematch of Super Bowl LVII. At the time, the Eagles were widely considered the best team in the National Football League and that victory took them to 10-1. Following the game, Sirianni decided to let out some steam.

From that point, no one could have guessed just how quickly the Eagles would fall apart. Following the game, the Eagles would go on to beat the Buffalo Bills and complete a five-game sweep that also included the Dallas Cowboys, Miami Dolphins, and Washington Commanders. They were the class of the league—until they weren't.

After beating K.C. and Buffalo in successive weeks, the Eagles would go on to win one more game against the New York Giants and lose six of their next seven contests. That includes a 32-9 mollywhopping at the hands of Baker Mayfield and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Wild Card round that officially ended Philly's year.

For those searching for answers, maybe the Eagles took their foot off of the gas because their head coach had already won his Super Bowl. Following the Chiefs game, the level of passion (and the lack of decorum) shows where Sirianni's head and heart were at. Maybe when he marched into K.C. and showed the Chiefs a lesson, he was finished and proceeded to tank the season as quickly as possible.

If that's true, we can only congratulate Sirianni on a job well done. The Eagles certainly taught these Chiefs something important at midseason, and maybe it's something they can apply as they continue to advance toward the Divisional Round. Perhaps Andy Reid will even credit Sirianni when hoisting yet another Lombardi as the Eagles coach sits and watches from the comforts of his couch.