Nick Lowery takes Justin Tucker to task for trying to disrupt Chiefs

We spoke with former Chiefs kicker Nick Lowery during Super Bowl week in Vegas.

Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Raiders
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Former Kansas City Chiefs kicker Nick Lowery knows a thing or two about the tremendous amount of work, talent, and luck it takes to succeed in the NFL. With nearly two full decades under his belt as a specialist at the highest levels, including 14 in Kansas City, Lowery has been around the block once or twice in the National Football League to see how things are done.

In Kansas City alone, Lowery went from playing through some of the franchise's most forgettable years (really most of the '80s) to some of the best Chiefs years ever when the team traded for Joe Montana.

Even before his tenure with the Chiefs, Lowery was a kicker for the New England Patriots beginning in 1978 and he finished his career with a few seasons kicking for the New York Jets.

We spoke with former Chiefs kicker Nick Lowery during Super Bowl week in Vegas.

Given that Lowery scored more than 1,700 points in his professional career, he seemed like the sort of special guest who could provide some inside perspective on what it's like to watch these Chiefs accomplish what they are.

Recently on the Arrowhead Addict podcast, we sat down with Lowery to hear more about his opinions on the big game and some angles as a former kicker. Most notably he spoke about the recent incident involving Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker and how he attempted to disrupt the Chiefs' pre-game on-field workouts in the AFC Championship game.

"No, you don't go on their side of the field until they're done. You just don't. And you don't put your tee and helmet where the quarterback could trip right there. That's just crazy. But anyway, we all make mistakes. Justin is great. But thank you for giving us a little bit more edge there," said Lowery.

Lowery also spoke about the greatness of Harrison Butker this season and how he deserved to be a first-team All-Pro this season over Tucker and others. Make sure to check out our recent exclusive interview with him on the Arrowhead Addict podcast which broadcast live from media week in Las Vegas for Super Bowl LVIII.

Check out our full interview below: