NFL Super Bowl Trophy Shape & History: Everything to Know About the Lombardi Trophy

How does the Lombardi Trophy come together?


For the Kansas City Chiefs and seven other teams remaining in the hunt, the prize at the end of this NFL postseason road is the coveted Lombardi Trophy.

The Lombardi, named in honor of legendary Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi, is the hoisted prize awarded to the champions of the National Football League each year and represents the pinnacle of success for a team's rigorous journey through the regular season and the playoffs.

The process of making the Lombardi Trophy is a combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. The trophy is manufactured by Tiffany & Co., a renowned luxury jeweler and producer of various sports trophies.

How does the Lombardi Trophy come together?

The design of the Lombardi has remained consistent over the years, featuring a regulation-sized football in kicking position atop a three-sided stand. The football is made of sterling silver, stands 22 inches tall, and weighs approximately seven pounds.

The actual production of the Lombardi takes four months to complete and starts with the football itself. Its shape is formed by skilled artisans who mold the silver to look like a football frozen in mid-kick. Once that basic form is set, the award undergoes a polishing process as is the stand, which features three tapering columns crafted separately.

To add the final touch of prestige, the Lombardi Trophy is plated with a layer of pure 24-karat gold. This gold layer not only enhances its appearance but also symbolizes the golden standard for having won football's ultimate prize. The Lombardi is then placed in a specially designed case and set aside to be handed over to the victors following Super Bowl LVIII.

The Chiefs have grown quite familiar with the craftsmanship that goes into the formation of a Lombardi Trophy with two Super Bowl wins in the last four years. This year they've got another strong shot at a third during the Andy Reid era. Here's hoping they add another piece of exquisite hardware to the trophy cases at Arrowhead Stadium.