NFL's Week 2 told the truth about the Chiefs (and everyone else)

Following another crazy week in the NFL, can we trust what we see from Week 2?

Kansas City Chiefs v Jacksonville Jaguars
Kansas City Chiefs v Jacksonville Jaguars / Mike Carlson/GettyImages

If you tuned in last week, I cited a Kyle Brandt tweet that said Week 1 is a liar and frankly, I bought into that. So many teams from whom we expected a lot faltered while others expected to tank were bright, shining stars. However, after a wild Week 1 that came to us with falsehoods from all sides, we saw a Week 2 that was filled with (maybe?) some truth.

Citing, yet again, Kyle Brandt, he had this to say:

Here's the thing, I think he might be right again.

The Kansas City Chiefs entered this week in what appeared to be a "must win" type of situation because the Jags are probably going to win the AFC South. It's terrible over there. So this was a tie breaker the Chiefs needed. Plus, starting the season 0-2 is a recipe for disaster.

While the Chiefs definitely didn't look great on offense during the first half, they may have found their groove in the second—or at least they found something. The defense was a diamond, but this week was revealing. Maybe the defense really is this good? Maybe the offense needs some real work? Week 2 might be the truth teller.

As for our division foes, Week 2, again, told the truth. I mean, c'mon, did anyone really think that Jimmy Garoppolo was going to solve the Raiders problems? I get that they had to go and get a good looking QB to make up for the bowl cuts, but shouldn't they focus on winning? And the Bolts. Oh, the Bolts. Brandon Staley is going to be the first coach fired this year because you simply cannot be that talented and lose those games. It isn't possible without a bad head coach. But the toast of the town goes to the Donkeys who were up huge and still lost. That Sean Payton era really is beautiful. If this is Russ cooking, please serve up some more because it is delicious.

My biggest curiosity lies with the Bengals. Was Joe Burrow's injury during the preseason enough to rock this team to its very core? Ja'Marr Chase, who we all believe is one of the best receivers in the NFL, has less receiving yards this year than Derrick Henry.

That is a real stat.

The Bengals started slow last year, but I tossed that up to the fact that Burrow had his appendix removed. With a soft tissue injury, is this something that is going to linger long-term? With the Ravens maybe being good, will they knock the Bengals off in their division? If I'm a Bengals fan, I'm concerned because Week 2 might have told me the truth about my team.

Regarding other non-divisional rivals, the Buffalo Bills are such a fluke-y team. Truly, you do not know what you will get out of them on any given game day. In my observations, it has to be based entirely on how Josh Allen slept the night before. A good night's sleep means he is going to dominate, but if he doesn't get that solid 8 hours, then he might throw 3 picks to the same guy. That kind of up and down is really what I have come to expect from the Bills and it is what makes them dangerous. They kind of proved me right (and thumped the Raiders which is always fun). Another truth bomb from Week 2.

I also think this week was revealing for the AFC as a whole. Coming into this season, I thought the AFC was HIM (as the kids say) and the NFC was really nothing but the Eagles and 49ers. But man the Cowboys defense is tough. Is the NFC better than we gave them credit for? I doubt it given the lack of quality quarterbacks, but an interesting thought. Maybe Week 2 was trying to tell us something here as well?

The Chiefs now enter a fairly easy stretch of their schedule and I am ready for some less tense games. The Bears come to Arrowhead on Sunday as their fan base screams at them to tank for Caleb Williams. Let this be a get right game for the offense. Figure out who can catch the ball, who can run north and south instead of east and west (Marquez Demarcus Robinson Valdes-Scantling, I'm looking at you). Give me more Skyy Moore, Justyn Ross, Rashee Rice. Show me what our offense can do. Fix Jawaan Taylor. Use this time to get better and deliver me a stress-free 50 burger. And let's hope the Chiefs sit solo atop the AFC West come Sunday night.