NFL Power Rankings, Week 7: Where do the Chiefs land after a weekend of upsets?

Chiefs Kingdom got an opportunity to watch football that did not include their favorite team all weekend. During that time, there were tremendous upsets all over the NFL.
Denver Broncos v Kansas City Chiefs
Denver Broncos v Kansas City Chiefs / David Eulitt/GettyImages
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25. Green Bay Packers (2-3)

Last Week: 23 (-2)


26. Minnesota Vikings (2-4)

Last Week: 26 (-)

No Justin Jefferson? No problem. Against the Bears. Minnesota got a win against Chicago in a low-scoring affair. While the Vikings seem to lack an offensive identity without Jefferson, a win is a win, especially against a divisional foe.

27. New Orleans Saints (3-3)

Last Week: 25 (-2)

The Saints were overhyped from the beginning. If we are being completely honest, we can say that the only team in the NFC South that they are clearly better than is the Panthers. If that holds true, they could be looking at an early pick in the first round of next year's draft.

28. Arizona Cardinals (1-5)

Last Week: 28 (-)

The Cardinals have outperformed their season expectations. At 1-5, it shows you just how low our expectations were. After a tight first half, the Rams rolled Arizona. It's going to be a lot of disappointment with the Cardinals this year.

29. New England Patriots (1-5)

Last Week: 27 (-2)

Yikes, man. I don't think I was alive the last time that the Patriots looked so pitiful. The time for Bill Belichick to move on has come. The question will be, will Belichick ride off into the sunset, or will he try to bring "The Patriot Way" to another franchise? For this year, however, the Patriots seem to be hurling quickly toward rock bottom if they aren't already there.

30. New York Giants (1-5)

Last Week: 29 (-1)

So close, yet so far. The Giants looked a little more in sync against the Bills, but could not get the victory. It's been a season of misery for the football Giants and it may not end. The Giants are bad in virtually every aspect of the game. If I've said it once, I'll say it a hundred times: The Giants are a chore to watch. Please stop putting them in primetime.

30. Chicago Bears (1-5)

Last Week: 30 (-)

Chicago had a fighting chance against the Vikings. Unfortunately, Justin Fields went down after putting together some great drives. The Bears are playing better than a few teams, but that is the nicest thing that I can say.

31. Denver Broncos (1-5)

Last Week: 31 (-)

Broncos execs should be manning the phones from now through the NFL's trade deadline. If they can get an opportunity to deal anyone, they should consider it. It is a dumpster fire in Denver and they are stuck in it for the foreseeable future.

32. Carolina Panthers (0-6)

Last Week: 32 (-)

The winless Panthers managed to shock the world by taking a 14-0 lead over the Dolphins in the first half. They then got destroyed by Miami's speed on offense and managed to get blown out. Carolina might require a miracle to win a game this year.