NFL Power Rankings, Week 5: Miami Falls, Kansas City survives

It was another wacky week in the NFL. The Dolphins went from scoring 70 in a game, to getting rolled by the bills. The Chiefs eked out a victory against the Jets. We discuss all 32 teams.

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages
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25. New England Patriots (1-3)

Last Week: 21 (-4)

Oof. The Patriots got rolled by Dallas. Considering their overall talent level, this is about on par with what I expected when the year began. Fortunately for New England, they have some winnable games coming up so they may get back on track.

26. New York Jets (2-2)

Last Week: 26 (-)

"He (Zach Wilson) played his ass off." - Patrick Mahomes. Alright, so the Jets came up short against the Chiefs. They did, however, score a moral victory by keeping it close. In their matchup in prime time, Zach Wilson likely played his best game as a professional. Maybe we shouldn't count the Jets out just yet.

27. New York Giants (1-2)

Last Week: 27 (-)

The Giants are not the worst team in the NFL, but watching them feels like a chore. Who decided to put the Giants in Primetime this many times? Whoever it was made a very poor decision if they want people to enjoy watching football. We all deserve an apology.

28. Arizona Cardinals (1-3)

Last Week: 29 (+1)

The Cardinals have some fight. It's unfortunate that they played the 49ers and that Christian McCaffrey is so good at football. Otherwise, they might have found a way to win another game this week.

29. Las Vegas Raiders (1-3)

Last Week: 28 (-1)

Josh McDaniels still has a job as an NFL coach. With an injury to starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, things might spiral quickly for the Raiders. I would be stunned if McDaniels lasts the entire year.

30. Carolina Panthers (0-4)

Last Week: 30 (-)

Are the Panthers ever going to figure something out on offense? If there was ever a game that I thought they would, it would have been this week against the Vikings. Unfortunately, they still look really bad. If Carolina is going to win a game this year, they will need to force a team to have a bunch of turnovers.

31. Denver Broncos (1-3)

Last Week: 32 (+1)

The Broncos might have gotten their only win of the season and that was against the miserable Chicago Bears. Their season is still going to be a spectacle of awfulness and the Chiefs can rest assured that their long-time streak against the Broncos will remain intact.

32. Chicago Bears (0-4)

Last Week: 31 (-1)

Chicago lost to the league's second-worst team, the Denver Broncos. Unfortunately, that means that the Bears are the unquestioned worst team. Justin Fields had one half of good football and a huge lead. They still squandered it. The Bears truly might not win a game this year.