NFL Power Rankings, Week 3: AFC is completely unpredictable

After a both wild and somewhat predictable weekend of football, who moves up and who moves down in our most recent power rankings?
Kansas City Chiefs v Jacksonville Jaguars
Kansas City Chiefs v Jacksonville Jaguars / Sam Greenwood/GettyImages
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20. Indianapolis Colts (1-1)

Last Week: 20 (-)

The Colts showed a level of talent and resiliency that I didn't think they had. They came away with their first victory in Week 2, despite losing their starting quarterback. While it is important to note that the Texans are not good, a win in the NFL is nothing to sneeze at. Indianapolis could truly be in playoff contention if they are able to produce defensively, but that will be easier said than done in a talented conference with tremendous quarterbacks.

21. New England Patriots (0-2)

Last Week: 15 (-5)

New England truly seems to be lacking talent on both sides of the ball. Despite this, Bill Belichick seems unwilling to let his team tank for draft position. No matter who they play, they are going to be a tough out. That has been showcased over the first two weeks of the season against the Eagles and the Dolphins.

22. Tennessee Titans (1-1)

Last Week: 28 (+6)

Man, I love me some Mike Vrabel. Year in and year out, he has his team ready to fight and swing against a higher weight class. The Titans came up with a win in overtime against the Chargers and will look to build on that success, despite the question marks on offense.

23. Los Angeles Chargers (0-2)

Last Week: 12 (-11)

The Chargers are in a place where they need to get back on track and fast. Once again, the expectations were high and they are on an actively sinking ship. One must wonder how many losses it would take for Brandon Staley to get canned mid-year. If they drop next week's game against the Vikings, they will certainly begin to scramble to find answers.

24. Minnesota Vikings (0-2)

Last Week: 22 (-2)

Ooof. The Vikings are 0-2 despite having some tremendous offensive production. The problem? The defense looks putrid against the run and not great against the pass. They have now dropped two close ones and they are in danger of finding a slippery slope. Now, a matchup this week against the Chargers suddenly looks like it's for "all the marbles."

25. New York Jets (1-1)

Last Week: 11 (-14)

The Jets are in a severely depressing situation. They have gone from talking about winning the Super Bowl, to trying to find someone to play quarterback in the place of Zach Wilson. New York is no longer a serious contender unless they get a quarterback worth a damn.

26. New York Giants (1-1)

Last Week: 30 (+4)

After the first half, the Giants had been outscored 60-0. Then, they proceeded to have a huge comeback victory, albeit against the Arizona Cardinals. Brian Daboll has to show that he is, indeed, deserving of the "coach of the year" title that he received last year, especially as they brace to potentially lose Saquon Barkley for a period of time.