NFL Power Rankings, Week 17: Chiefs, Jaguars fall farther than ever

The end is growing closer. We got a chance to appreciate another week of football in all of its unpredictable glory. Today, we take a look around the league at all 32 teams in our power rankings.

Las Vegas Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs
Las Vegas Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs / Jamie Squire/GettyImages
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24. Chicago Bears (6-9)

Last Week: 24 (-)

Chicago has looked much better in recent weeks. I don't know if that is enough to keep Matt Eberflus around, but it is an intriguing question.

25. New York Jets (6-9)

Last Week: 25 (-)

The Jets are going to be a disappointment for the foreseeable future. You can quote me on this one. Jets fans are going to grow to hate Aaron Rodgers. It's all hype. It's all talk. They are going to be bad for the entirety of the Rodgers era, no matter who he convinces the team to acquire during the offseason.

26. Tennessee Titans (5-10)

Last Week: 26 (-)

The Titans should be looking to draft a quarterback in the first round, or they could pursue Russell Wilson. No matter the move, they should be better off. I like Vrabel as their long-term coach, but everything else could be a movable piece as far as I am concerned.

27. Los Angeles Chargers (5-10)

Last Week: 29 (+2)

The Chargers are a mess. If I were in charge, I would consider all of my options. The Chargers have a lot of tradable assets that could bring a lot of return in terms of draft capital. Justin Herbert, anyone?

28. New York Giants (5-10)

Last Week: 28 (-)

The Giants have won five games. That, in and of itself is something to be celebrated.

29. Washington Commanders (4-11)

Last Week: 27 (-2)

The Commanders are going to probably clean house after the season. As it stands right now, this is one of the worst rosters in the NFL.

30. New England Patriots (4-11)

Last Week: 31 (+1)

The Patriots have finally found their rhythm. Unfortunately, they have very little rhythm as a team collectively. Bill Belichick should not make personnel decisions, but he can still get the most out of his guys.

31. Arizona Cardinals (3-12)

Last Week: 30 (-1)

The Cardinals are a dumpster fire inside of a tornado, but at least they're not the Panthers.

32. Carolina Panthers (2-13)

Last Week: 32 (-)

Carolina is in a special kind of hell. They don't have a first round pick. They don't have a quarterback worth a hoot. It's all bad.