NFL Power Rankings, Week 16: Bills and Bengals on the rise, Broncos fall

The NFL season is coming closer and closer to the end. With some big games down the stretch that will determine playoff seeding, it should get interesting. We discuss all 32 NFL teams.

Minnesota Vikings v Cincinnati Bengals
Minnesota Vikings v Cincinnati Bengals / Dylan Buell/GettyImages
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17. Minnesota Vikings (7-7)

Last Week: 16 (-1)

Minnesota has some nice pieces, but can we acknowledge that it might be time to blow this thing up? Like Justin Jefferson and T.J. Hockensen are elite but after that, is there anything that you can get excited about? Kirk Cousins has had a similar career to Trent Green. Now, it's probably time to consider a change. The Vikings should be looking to add offensive linemen, defensive talent, and a new quarterback to start the season with next year.

18. New Orleans Saints (7-7)

Last Week: 19 (+1)

The Saints made a spirited effort this week and blew out the Giants. They showcased that they are not backing down from a fight for the NFC South. Three weeks left with the Buccaneers as one of their final games. It should make for an interesting finish.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-7)

Last Week: 20 (+1)

Baker Mayfield threw for 381 yards and four touchdowns against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. The Buccaneers deserve credit where it is due. They have pushed this season to the brink of a playoff berth and could still find a way in. This was a season of transition and they have really made the most of it.

20. Green Bay Packers (6-8)

Last Week: 17 (-3)

I should have stuck to my guns on this one. The Packers are not good and I knew that. I just wanted to believe the ever-growing hype around Jordan Love. Love is a solid player but there is not much to like on the offense with him. The Packers should be stockpiling offensive linemen and wide receivers as soon as the offseason begins.

21. Atlanta Falcons (6-8)

Last Week: 21 (-)

Embarrassing. You just can't lose to the Panthers. You can't. I know that Arthur Smith is expected to get another year, but they should really consider the other options that they may have. Eric Bieniemy? Lou Anarumo? Jim Harbaugh? Steve Wilks? Are ANY of these names more interesting than retaining Smith? Literally all of them are better options.

22. Las Vegas Raiders (6-8)

Last Week: 23 (+1)

The Chargers gave up. The Raiders have no business putting up 63 points on anyone, but that is exactly what happened. Las Vegas has some interesting questions facing them this offseason. Do they want to accept a king's ransom for Davante Adams? They might get it from a desperate team like the Jets. Do they tear it all down and completely rebuild? I would. Outside of Maxx Crosby, there is not much to get excited about in Las Vegas.

23. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-7)

Last Week: 22 (-1)

The Steelers look worse on a weekly basis. This week, they fell victim to the Colts in Indy. Things might turn around, but right now, it looks like we are headed for Mike Tomlin's first losing season as an NFL head coach.

24. Chicago Bears (5-9)

Last Week: 25 (+1)

Chicago truly has looked functional on defense over the last several weeks. Nothing about the Bears is elite, but you have to feel encouraged about the young talent they have on defense for the long haul. Now, they are sitting there hoping to get Caleb Williams at the top of the draft. Then with another early pick take a swing on perhaps another offensive talent. Justin Fields could make for an interesting option in Denver if the Broncos would like to have someone to play alongside Russell Wilson.