NFL Power Rankings, Week 16: Bills and Bengals on the rise, Broncos fall

The NFL season is coming closer and closer to the end. With some big games down the stretch that will determine playoff seeding, it should get interesting. We discuss all 32 NFL teams.

Minnesota Vikings v Cincinnati Bengals
Minnesota Vikings v Cincinnati Bengals / Dylan Buell/GettyImages
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9. Cleveland Browns (9-5)

Last Week: 9 (-)

All hail Joe Flacco. It's interesting that Deshaun Watson has never looked as good in a Browns uniform as old man Joe Flacco. While throwing three interceptions is less than ideal, Flacco put up nearly 400 yards and threw two touchdowns against a Bears secondary that has been hot in recent weeks. The Browns are a solid team that no one should take lightly.

10. Cincinnati Bengals (8-6)

Last week: 12 (+2)

Joe Burrow who? Jake Browning has not just been serviceable, he has been downright excellent. The Bengals have enough star power offensively to keep them afloat. For the next three weeks, the Bengals have the Steelers, Chiefs, and Browns to figure out. If they can win two of three, they've got a chance. If they win all three, they are almost certainly in.

11. Jacksonville Jaguars (8-6)

Last Week: 8 (-3)

Jacksonville was in their game with the Ravens until Lamar Jackson went '"scorched earth" and eviscerated them in the 4th quarter. To me, the Jaguars look worse than they have all year on the defensive side of the ball. Things are not looking ideal for the Jaguars down the stretch with a hobbled quarterback, an injured receiver, and a worse-than-average defense. Could Jacksonville miss the playoffs? Maybe.

12. Houston Texans (8-6)

Last Week: 13 (+1)

Houston survived an overtime scare from the pesky Tennessee Titans. Mike Vrabel is still an excellent coach who can get the most out of his guys, but the Texans are hanging on to playoff positioning by the skin of their teeth. Time will tell whether or not Houston can sneak into the playoffs and be ahead of schedule.

13. Indianapolis Colts (8-6)

Last Week: 14 (+1)

Indianapolis is that team that certainly doesn't belong with the others in the AFC playoff picture. With that in mind, however, the Colts are so much fun. Gardner Minshew is the second coming of Ryan Fitzpatrick and will rip your heart out whether you are a fan of his team or cheering for the team that they are playing against. Indy has my heart and I hope they slide into the playoffs.

14. Denver Broncos (7-7)

Last Week: 11 (-3)

Broncos country, let's ride. Sean Payton and Russell Wilson had the sideline confrontation that was heard around the world and the Broncos seem like their are prepared to start thinking about the offseason. Could Denver get a quarterback to groom under Russell Wilson? It could make some sense for the Broncos in the short and long term.

15. Seattle Seahawks (7-7)

Last Week: 15 (-)

Seattle stayed alive and had a huge upset over the Eagles. Drew Lock gives the offense some juice, but he also throws the ball into dangerously tight coverage. Seattle is interesting and it seems impossible to make a determination about how they might finish.

16. Los Angeles Rams (7-7)

Last Week: 18 (+2)

The Rams are finding their rhythm, but it is probably a little too late. With the Saints, Giants, and finally the 49ers on their remaining schedule, it seems unlikely that the Rams will find a way to win their final three games—or really even two of the final three. One has to wonder whether Matthew Stafford is considering hanging it up after this season.