NFL Power Rankings, Week 15: The Chiefs and Eagles are sinking

What a week it was in the NFL. Today, we take a glance around the league to discuss all 32 teams. With consecutive losses from the Chiefs and Eagles, who's up? We discuss.

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs / Jamie Squire/GettyImages
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9. Cleveland Browns (8-5)

Last Week: 14 (+5)

The Browns are alive and well. The team has decided to turn to old man Joe Flacco to lead the way. We are not going to ever have the "Is Joe Flacco elite?" debate ever again, but we might have the "Is he good enough to win a playoff game?" discussion. Cleveland is built to be very good late in football games with a great rushing attack and pass rush. They will not lose games easily.

10. Detroit Lions (9-4)

Last Week: 7 (-3)

The Lions are not playing well right now. With a big loss to the Bears, the Lions are very likely out of the race for the NFC's one seed. Currently, the defense is not playing well. With a continuous hemorrhaging of points, the high-power offense is unable to keep up. Unfortunately, the offense has not been as explosive as earlier in the year, either. Things have not looked right for the Lions in a couple of weeks.

11. Denver Broncos (7-6)

Last Week: 12 (+1)

Denver seems to have caught lightning in a bottle at the right time. They made a mockery of the Chargers this week, who still have not fired Brandon Staley. Even though the Chargers are really bad, the Broncos have been playing excellent football and it is abundantly clear that Sean Payton has made a huge impact on the Broncos and Russell Wilson.

12. Cincinnati Bengals (7-6)

Last week: 16 (+4)

Cincinnati, in some ways, looks better now than it did when Joe Burrow was playing. Perhaps it's the certainty that if they lose a game or two, they are out. Or perhaps, the Bengals never allowed Burrow to get completely healthy. Whatever the case, the Bengals look solid, even with their starting superstar quarterback out for the season.

13. Houston Texans (7-6)

Last Week: 9 (-4)

The Texans are doing what young teams do; They are losing games that they shouldn't. CJ Stroud did go down with a concussion, but the Jets are the opposite of good and they crushed them on both sides of the ball. It's not the year to include the Texans in any Super Bowl plans. That will likely need to wait for another year or five.

14. Indianapolis Colts (7-6)

Last Week: 11 (-3)

Is Indianapolis a fraud? Yes, probably. Are they fun? Absolutely. Look, no one seriously expects the Colts to go on some deep run to the Super Bowl. They are a fun Cinderella-type team that I am cheering for as long as they aren't playing Kansas City. Minshew Magic is great, but if this week was any indication, they aren't in the same league as some of the AFC's best.

15. Seattle Seahawks (6-7)

Last Week: 15 (-)

The Seahawks might be done. If we are being honest, they should be. That defense is not very good and the offense, despite a million talented football players, has underperformed. It's time to discuss whether the Seahawks need a rebuild or a retool. I think they will likely opt for a retool, but Geno Smith and Drew Lock make me believe that a rebuild should be the choice.

16. Minnesota Vikings (7-6)

Last Week: 20 (+4)

Eh. 3-0 is not the score you are hoping for as an offense. For the defense, this is absolutely something to celebrate. I can't imagine the Vikings going anywhere this season, especially with yet another Justin Jefferson injury, but they have shown some serious resiliency. Hats off to them.