NFL Power Rankings, Week 13: Chiefs, Broncos climb after big wins

In some big-time games, there were some big surprises as well as some very predictable results. We discuss where each team is ranked in the most recent edition of the Power Rankings.

Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders
Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders / Jeff Bottari/GettyImages
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17. Las Vegas Raiders (5-7)

Last Week: 17 (-)

The Raiders might be playing their best football of the season. It was not enough to take down the Chiefs, but that is not to say that it won't find them some success down the stretch. It's sad that they didn't fire Josh McDaniels sooner. This season might have been salvageable.

18. Minnesota Vikings (6-6)

Last Week: 15 (+3)

It was a rough week for the Vikings. Josh Dobbs has been an unlikely hero, but this week he was an atrocity last Sunday after throwing 4 picks. They are in the playoff picture, but losing to the Bears is bad.

19. Atlanta Falcons (5-6)

Last Week: 20 (+1)

Atlanta hung on to beat the Saints, but are they seriously considering keeping Arthur Smith as the top guy for another season? If I've said it once, I have said it in a million power rankings, Atlanta has a bunch of talent. If their coach can't utilize that talent, he should probably not be the guy.

20. New Orleans Saints (5-6)

Last Week: 21 (+1)

If we are being completely honest, the Saints have no business in the playoffs. With that in mind, they play in the worst division in football. The NFC South is a mess of teams that are in between quarterbacks or coaches or both. The Saints are the best in that division. So, good for you, Saints!

21. Los Angeles Chargers (4-7)

Last Week: 18 (-3)

Brandon Staley is still employed. I wish someone would tell me what the benefit for the Chargers is to keep him. They look lost defensively and are somewhat underperforming on the offensive side of the ball. Everyone knows that it is time to make a change.

22. Washington Commanders (4-8)

Last Week: 22 (-)

Washington is bordering on a dumpster fire. The team moved on from Jack Del Rio as the defensive coordinator after Washington allowed 45 points to the Cowboys on Thanksgiving. Sam Howell is one of the NFL's leading passers and is still somehow, kind of bad. It's over for this year, but there is always a chance that this team has a few of the right pieces in place for the future.

23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-7)

Last Week: 24 (+1)

We are seeing the version of the Bucs that I expected to start the season. Johnny Manziel. I mean, Baker Mayfield is just not the guy. Sure, he was a fun topic of conversation for a while, but it is time to move on.

24. Los Angeles Rams (5-6)

Last Week: 25 (+1)

The Rams might be hitting their stride a little too late. The receiving corps is nice and the defense shows flashes Unfortunately, they have gotten themselves in too deep of a hole.