NFL Power Rankings, Week 13: Chiefs, Broncos climb after big wins

In some big-time games, there were some big surprises as well as some very predictable results. We discuss where each team is ranked in the most recent edition of the Power Rankings.

Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders
Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders / Jeff Bottari/GettyImages
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Another wild week of NFL football is in the books. While the week brought some very predictable results, there were also some surprises that shook up our Week 13 NFL Power Rankings.

There are two tiers forming at the top of the NFL: The Eagles sit alone in the NFL's top tier and then there's a race between the 49ers, Chiefs, Cowboys, Lions, and Chiefs for next in line.

So where do these teams shake out? Let's take a look at all 32 NFL teams and the state of their franchises, from Philly to Carolina in our latest NFL Power Rankings.

1. Philadelphia Eagles (10-1)

Last Week: 1 (-)

In some late-game heroics, the Eagles remained the NFL's only one-loss team. The Bills could not capitalize when they had opportunities and it ended up biting them in the rear end. Philadelphia continues to show that they are the best team in the NFL, even if they have a coach who acts like a middle schooler at the helm.

2. San Francisco 49ers (8-3)

Last week: 2 (-)

After a three-game skid, the 49ers have returned to their old ways. They are consistently playing great football on both sides. If Brock Purdy can be a game manager and not turn the ball over, the 49ers might be ready to take on the Eagles for the best of the NFC. Luckily, we get to find out this week when the two NFC Juggernauts face off in Philadelphia.

3. Kansas City Chiefs (8-3)

Last Week: 5 (+2)

The Chiefs looked more like themselves this week against the Raiders. While the Raiders are not a great team, they have been playing good football ever since they parted ways with Josh McDaniels. Kansas City had a slow start, but unlike in recent weeks, they were able to put points on the scoreboard in the second half. If this version of the Chiefs is what we get the rest of the year, they could be a tough team to beat in the playoffs, especially if the AFC still runs through Arrowhead... or GEHA... or GEHA at Arrowhead, or whatever we are calling Mahomes' house.

4. Baltimore Ravens (9-3)

Last Week: 4 (-)

The Ravens are somewhat gimmicky, but they have found consistent success on both sides of the ball this season. There is a reason that they are atop the AFC by a half-game. They have, unlike the Chiefs on a consistent basis, executed. They are not as talented as the other teams in their tier, but they are all consistently on the same page and therefore win big games. I think the Mark Andrews injury will probably haunt them against really good defenses, but they beat the Chargers in a tight matchup.

5. Dallas Cowboys (8-3)

Last Week: 3 (-2)

Okay, okay, okay. I know that the Cowboys won and that they have talent all over the field, but they will forever be a team that I am willing to allow other teams to jump over because they have not beaten anyone with a winning record. How is that possible? I don't know if the Cowboys are ready or battle-tested for what the NFC playoff picture could show them in the coming weeks.

6. Jacksonville Jaguars (8-3)

Last Week: 7 (+1)

In a tight AFC South matchup, the Jags snuck out a win over the up-and-coming Texans in Houston. Jacksonville has found some great success with Calvin Ridley in the last few weeks and is beginning to find a new kind of offensive rhythm. Their adaptability and talent level could make them a difficult team to beat down the stretch.

7. Miami Dolphins (8-3)

Last Week: 8 (+1)

The Dolphins, like the Cowboys, are a team that struggles to beat the upper-echelon of NFL teams. They have some tremendous talent on both sides of the ball, but they have just not been able to come away with wins in tough matchups. This week they thumped the Jets, but who hasn't? Next week they will beat up on the Commanders and will still know very little.

8. Detroit Lions (8-3)

Last Week: 6 (-2)

Although the score does not show it, this week's game against the Packers was never really a competition. The Lions started slowly and they never really got into the game. We could either chalk it up to the "Thanksgiving curse" or we can say that the Lions are vulnerable, especially on defense.