NFL Power Rankings, Week 12: Heavyweight battle of Eagles-Chiefs shakes things up

It's been another glorious week of NFL football. With a few key injuries and surprises, we move around a lot of teams in this week's edition of our NFL Power Rankings. We discuss all 32 teams.

Philadelphia Eagles v Kansas City Chiefs
Philadelphia Eagles v Kansas City Chiefs / David Eulitt/GettyImages
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9. Houston Texans (6-4)

Last Week: 12 (+4)

The Texans continue to be a rollercoaster team with high highs and low lows. This week, we saw them at some place in the middle. The Texans defeated the Cardinals in a tight game in which the Arizona defense came up with three interceptions on C.J. Stroud. While it's clear that this team is young and inexperienced and will only get better, they are not there yet. While they may make the playoffs and could even win a big game here or there, they need a few years to build the roster and gain some experience. With that in mind, I do love what the Texans are cooking up.

10. Cleveland Browns (7-3)

Last Week: 11 (+1)

The Browns are in a race to find someone, anyone, who can take Dorian Thompson-Robinson's spot as the team's quarterback. Cleveland is still dominant on defense, but in order to be a real, viable, contender they have to at least be functional in the passing game. The team is signing old, reliable Joe Flacco. That could be enough to keep them in contention, but at this point, it still seems like a longshot.

11. Seattle Seahawks (6-4)

Last Week: 10 (-1)

The Seahawks could not beat the Rams this week. In a close one, the Seahawks fell short due to their inability to begin and sustain drives. On third downs, they went 5/15 and Geno Smith got injured at the end of the game. The sky is not falling in Seattle, but it does seem concerning that a team with great running backs and wide receivers can't get it done against the Rams, who have struggled on defense. This team will only go as far as Geno Smith can take them, which just may not be very far.

12. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-4)

Last Week: 13 (+1)

The underwhelming Steelers continue to play close games and look like one of the least talented units in the NFL. Somehow they have won six games, but they fell short of the seventh victory this week against the Dorian Thompson-Robinson-led Browns. The Steelers always seem to throw punches at heavyweights even though they belong in the welterweight category, but the clock could be ticking on Mike Tomlin's winning season streak.

13. Cincinnati Bengals (5-5)

Last week: 9 (-4)

This one stings. The Bengals had high, high hopes. In a flash, everything was taken from them. It was going to be a tough road to the Super Bowl even with Joe Burrow. Now, without him the rest of the way, the Bengals are completely out of any kind of wish for the playoffs.

14. Buffalo Bills (6-5)

Last Week: 15 (+1)

The Bills dominated the Jets in a show of strength after a bad performance a week ago. I certainly don't expect some kind of great resurgence, but it tells me that the Bills are not completely done. However, their schedule signals that they are probably finished unless something crazy happens. We shall see.

15. Minnesota Vikings (6-5)

Last Week: 14 (-1)

The Vikings experienced the inevitable. They had been on a hot streak and they came up just short against the Denver Broncos. While Josh Dobbs continues to be a bright spot, Minnesota is lacking something on defense. They seem unable to consistently get pressure on the quarterback and they also seem to struggle in coverage. Hopefully Justin Jefferson returns soon to show the world what the Dobbs-Jefferson connection can look like in the face of pressure to win games down the stretch. It should be a fun end for the Vikings.

16. Indianapolis Colts (5-5)

Last Week: 16 (-)