NFL Power Rankings, Week 11: Chiefs rest and win in wild week

The Chiefs had a bye week and we still watched a lot of football. In a fantastic turn of events, there were som big-time losses that benefited the Chiefs in a big way. We discuss all 32 teams.
Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens
Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens / Todd Olszewski/GettyImages
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17. Los Angeles Chargers (4-5)

Last Week: 15 (-2)

The Chargers have all kinds of talent and they consistently underperform. It is beyond time for Los Angeles to cut its losses and go in another direction. How can you have such a talented roster and fall apart year after a miserable year and keep trying the same thing? Justin Herbert and company should be able to at least give the Chiefs a run for their money. Instead, they are in real danger of slipping into last place in the division.

18. Las Vegas Raiders (5-5)

Last Week: 24 (+6)

One team that is both ascending and intriguing is the Raiders. Antonio Pierce took over for Josh McDaniels and all of a sudden, the Raiders looked competent. It is hilarious that the Raiders are smoking victory cigars after beating the Jets but it speaks volumes about how much they did not like Josh McDaniels.

19. Atlanta Falcons (4-5)

Last Week: 16 (-3)

Atlanta needs a facelift. Arthur Smith is looking more and more like a mistake by the day. How in the world do you have so much young talent and continuously find ways to lose games against inferior opponents? It is time to move on and grab a new head coach and quarterback combination. If Bill Belichick leaves New England, perhaps Atlanta is an option.

20. New Orleans Saints (5-5)

Last Week: 20 (-)

The Saints could not contain Josh Dobbs and the Minnesota Vikings and came up short. The Saints are a team that can start preparing for next season because this season is over. Similarly to a bunch of other teams, they should be looking for a new head coach and a new identity very soon.

21. Washington Commanders (4-6)

Last Week: 22 (+1)

The Commanders look pretty good offensively, even with Sam Howell at the helm. They are, however, unable to cover anyone in the secondary. I don't know if Ron Rivera will continue to get chances, but if he does, someone needs to explain the need for good cornerbacks and safeties.

22. New York Jets (4-4)

Last Week: 17 (-5)

The Jets are in a place in which they are hoping and praying for a 40 year old to recover from an Achilles tear in a matter of three months so that they don't have to look at Zach Wilson anymore. It's a very sad thing, but so goes the life of a Jets fan. For the record, I don't believe that Aaron Rodgers is coming back as soon as he believes that he will. I also think that the Jets are going to miss the playoffs.

23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-5)

Last Week: 23 (-)

One week removed from allowing the Texans to throw for a million yards, the Buccaneers held the Titans to six points. With that in mind, the Bucs are still not very good. They are old, slow, and rely heavily on two players on their offense. The Buccaneers need a quick rebuild. Baker is not the answer.

24. Tennessee Titans (3-6)

Last Week: 19 (-5)

Will Levis is doing a lot of what he did in college. He is throwing deep balls and taking sacks. Unfortunately, he is missing so many of his deep shots, that it is not balancing out for him the way that it did in college. Perhaps he will turn it around, but this is just not going to work out in Tennessee.