NFL Power Rankings, Week 11: Chiefs rest and win in wild week

The Chiefs had a bye week and we still watched a lot of football. In a fantastic turn of events, there were som big-time losses that benefited the Chiefs in a big way. We discuss all 32 teams.
Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens
Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens / Todd Olszewski/GettyImages
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The Kansas City Chiefs are better off this week than they were a week ago and they didn't even play a game this week. Things could not have gone much better for them in Week 10. The Bengals lost, the Bills lost, the Ravens lost. This puts the Chiefs squarely on top of the AFC standings. What does that mean going forward?

Today, we take our weekly dive into the NFL power rankings heading into Week 11. After the series of AFC contenders losing, where does everyone stack up? We discuss all 32 NFL teams and where they are headed.

1. Philadelphia Eagles (8-1)

Last Week: 1 (-)


2. Kansas City Chiefs (7-2)

Last week: 2 (-)


3. Dallas Cowboys (6-3)

Last Week: 5 (+2)

Dallas continues to do what they do best; crush terrible teams and keep it close with the good ones. This week, they once again, smashed the New York Giants. In this matchup, Dak Prescott had one of his best games as a professional and the defense showed out. I am not sure whether or not to "believe" in the Cowboys, but they are beginning to carve out a case that it is a three-way race between them, the 49ers, and the Eagles. It should be an interesting finish in the NFC.

4. Baltimore Ravens (7-3)

Last Week: 4 (-)

It was a tough week for Baltimore, but not one that anyone should be shocked by. The Ravens have some tremendous pieces on both sides of the ball, but they have been playing above their level. Dropping a game to the Browns, who have an excellent front seven on defense, makes some sense. While the Ravens were in line to be atop the AFC, this loss puts them squarely behind the Chiefs again.

5. San Francisco 49ers (6-3)

Last week: 10 (+5)

What a statement game for the 49ers. Coming off a three-game skid, it was paramount that they play a good game against the Jaguars. Not only did they play well, they cruised to victory over a very good Jacksonville team. The 49ers could be back to their old, dominating ways. The key will continue to be whether Brock Purdy can keep himself from turning the ball over. If so, they have enough talent to go all the way.

6. Detroit Lions (7-2)

Last Week: 7 (+1)

I love what the Lions have cooking up. With that in mind, their defense is not producing the same way that it was at the beginning of the season. This week, they were able to come away in a close, high-scoring matchup with the Los Angeles Chargers. I don't think the Lions are out of the discussion for the number one seed, but I think they certainly could fall away from the best of the best in the NFC.

7. Miami Dolphins (6-3)

Last Week: 8 (+1)


8. Jacksonville Jaguars (6-3)

Last Week: 3 (-5)

Just when I wanted to believe that the Jaguars were a viable contender, they got shellacked by the 49ers. Everyone knows that the 49ers are a top-tier team, but everyone also knows the old adage that "to be the best, you've got the beat the best." The Jaguars failed to do so. They are a playoff team. Are they a contender? It's a hard "maybe."