NFL Power Rankings, Week 1: Where do Chiefs begin title defense?

It's finally here. With Week 1 rapidly approaching, we take a look at who is running the show in the NFL. Who is at the bottom with no end to their misery in sight? We discuss all 32 teams.

AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs
AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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17. Detroit Lions

Everyone loves to love the Lions. Honestly, Detroit could become a darling if they can take down the Chiefs in Week 1. There is a lot to like about the roster, coaching staff, and energy surrounding the Lions, but there are simply too many questions about their defense to take them seriously. When they start showing defensive dominance, it will be time to consider the Lions a real threat to win the NFC North.

18. Cleveland Browns

Some people want to believe that the Browns acquired the Deshaun Watson of old, but the truth is that the Browns looked lost offensively with him running the show. Can he recapture the magic that he once had on the football field? He is truly the only part of the team capable of launching the Browns into the contender conversation.

19. Denver Boncos

I have slowly been coming around on the Broncos. Sean Payton was a huge hire for them as they try to salvage a once-great franchise. They seem ready to "zig while everyone else is zagging" in their offensive playstyle. With an emphasis on adding power to their front, the Broncos seem ready to take the pressure off of Russell Wilson by running the ball early and often. While it looks good on paper, the team has to compete with some excellent AFC opponents. They are capable of making the playoffs or winning six games. Truly, a lot is up in the air in Denver.

20. New England Patriots

Mac Jones is not going to take the Patriots to the Promise Land, but Bill Belichick certainly knows a thing or two about winning big games. With some real talent on defense, there is nothing stopping the Patriots from being competitive every week. For now, we can expect them to be a pesky opponent that muddies the game to their benefit.