NFL offseason composite power rankings: Are the Kansas City Chiefs on top?

Super Bowl LVIII - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs
Super Bowl LVIII - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs / Lauren Leigh Bacho/GettyImages
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The Bottom Tier

This tier is obviously the teams that the consensus feels is at the bottom of the league. A few of these teams are simply auditioning their coaching staffs and quarterbacks to see if they are the future.

27. Tennessee Titans

  • Average Ranking: 27.1
  • High Ranking: 21
  • Low Ranking: 30

The Titans average ranking puts them at the top of this tier, but personally I think they belong in the tier above this.

28. Washington Commanders

  • Average Ranking: 27.4
  • High Ranking: 25
  • Low Ranking: 31

The Commanders were consistently ranked in this tier, but if Jayden Daniels has a solid rookie season it wouldn't be hard to see them outperform this ranking.

29. New York Giants

  • Average Ranking: 27.8
  • High Ranking: 20
  • Low Ranking: 31

Eight of the ten rankings had the Giants between 27-31. I'm not sure what Sports Illustrated was thinking putting them as high as 20th (4 spots ahead of the Dolphins?).

30. Denver Broncos

  • Average Ranking: 29.1
  • High Ranking: 26
  • Low Ranking: 32

The Broncos ranked consistently at the bottom of the rankings. This season will be about proving that Sean Payton and Bo Nix should be trusted with the future of this team.

31. New England Patriots

  • Average Ranking: 30.3
  • High Ranking: 29
  • Low Ranking: 32

Every single ranking had the Patriots in one of the bottom four spots. Like the Broncos, this season is more about them seeing if they have the right coaching staff and drafted the right rookie quarterback.

32. Carolina Panthers

  • Average Ranking: 31.7
  • High Ranking: 30
  • Low Ranking: 32

The Panthers finished dead last in eight of the ten rankings and the other two still had them in the bottom three. Once again, we've got a team that's just playing to see if they have the right coach and quarterback for the future.

So there are the consensus offseason power rankings. What teams surprised you? What teams are ranked too high or too low in your opinion? You can find me on X (formerly Twitter) @LyleGraversen if you'd like to share your thoughts.