Most underrated offseason moves by Chiefs' AFC West rivals

The division has responded to the Super Bowl champs in many ways, and a few of them could pay off higher than expected.
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The Chargers made a low-risk, high-reward move in signing J.K. Dobbins

When L.A. brought in Greg Roman, everyone knew his next move would be to bring a few friends along with him from Baltimore, and that's exactly what he did when the Chargers signed both J.K. Dobbins and Gus Edwards.

Both have had their share of injuries, with Dobbins being far more significant and hampering what could have been a phenomenal career in Baltimore. As a rookie, once Dobbins finally started receiving more touches, he went on to have a sensational end of the year, averaging 6.0 yards per carry and going for 805 yards on just 135 carries.

Between his ability to make defenders in space, coupled with the speed in the open field, and his ability to also contribute in the passing game, Dobbins' potential has never been in question. He was a second-round pick for a reason.

Yes, Dobbins' injuries have been severe. A torn ACL and a torn Achilles should have spelled the end of his career, had he played even a decade or so earlier. But, Dobbins has been declared healthy and ready to go this offseason.

If he's able to stay healthy, the Chargers found themselves a do-it-all running back who is still just 25 years old.