Morgan Freeman is apparently a member of Chiefs Kingdom

Sorry to Mitch or anyone else, but that pretty much makes him the coolest voice in the Kingdom
The CAA Pre-Oscar Party at Sunset Tower Hotel
The CAA Pre-Oscar Party at Sunset Tower Hotel / Natasha Campos/GettyImages

At this point, it might be hard to point out who isn't a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs.

When a team is busy establishing a dynasty on the field and proving how charismatic and engaging they are off of it, the fan base is bound to grow, of course. That's par for the course (wrong sport) for having the most popular player in the game (Patrick Mahomes), the most engaging player in the game (Travis Kelce), and a legendary head coach.

This year, of course, things have only gotten much, much bigger. Mahomes is ubiquitous in pop culture whether in advertisements or attending events. Kelce hosted Saturday Night Live and then started dating a global pop superstar. Then when they should be "distracted", they've jumped out to a dominant lead in a new season despite having a strong cap situation and one of the league's youngest rosters.

All this means that the Chiefs are the team du jour and pop culture is treating them like it these days. Taylor Swift has brought newer faces to Arrowhead like Ryan Reynolds or Blake Lively or Hugh Jackman. Last year, we saw Henry Winkler ingratiate himself with fans and Mahomes. It's what is going to happen more and more as we go forward into greater levels of sustained success.

With apologies to Mitch or anyone else, but this pretty much makes Freeman the coolest voice in the Kingdom

But with all of the pageantry around the team, who knew that Morgan Freeman was ever a fan?

We're not saying he's a bandwagon fan at all. Rather, we're just sad we didn't know this before now. One of the greatest actors of a generation—perhaps of all time—has been rooting for the Chiefs and we didn't know it? Couldn't reference it? Didn't count him as one of us?

What a missed opportunity!

Imagine our surprise when Freeman gave this recent interview on CBS News.

Not only do we love Freeman-as-fan in general but his answers to these questions are perfect. He could care less about Taylor and Travis (right answer) and he loves watching Mahomes (right answer, again). If you can't tell, he simply says this when asked about what he likes. "It’s great to watch Pat run, y’know? To escape. He’s got a rifle for an arm. That’s all good so that’s what I’m interested in."

Side note: if you're a journalist and Morgan Freeman is sitting in front of you and you ask about Taylor Swift's love life, you've failed to capitalize on a potentially brilliant career moment. It's akin to being the Lin Elliott of interviewers.

Now we can count Morgan Freeman as a fan alongside the likes of Melissa Etheridge and Paul Rudd, Eric Stonestreet and Brad Pitt, Heidi Gardner and Miranda Lambert, Jason Sudeikis and Tech N9ne. We're not sure how long you've rooted in relative solitude (or whether we've just missed the fact that somehow you've been a long-time Chiefs fan), but we're glad to have you in our company all the same.

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