Matthew Judon lets his mouth do the talking in loss to Chiefs

The Patriots linebacker is busy sitting at home doing nothing so at least he's working out his fingers.
New England Patriots v Dallas Cowboys
New England Patriots v Dallas Cowboys / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

You can't expect any professional athlete to be happy with a loss. You can expect them to at least learn to accept the circumstances with grace.

Just last week, the Kansas City Chiefs saw their own star quarterback and legendary head coach allow emotions to get the best of them as they vented their frustrations concerning the officiating in Week 14 (and beyond) this season following a loss to the Buffalo Bills. Later in the week, the NFL responded by fining Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid for their public remarks—the price paid for not having held their tongue.

On Sunday, another player entered the "just can't take the loss" arena: New England Patriots linebacker Matthew Judon.

The Patriots lost to the Chiefs on Sunday afternoon by a final score of 27-17 on a day in which the Chiefs continually shot themselves time and again and still managed to put away the home team by multiple scores. There were also some questionable calls that went against the Chiefs along the way, but instead of realizing the score could have easily been 50-10 or so, Judon decided to tweet this following the game.

Yeah that's an insinuation that Mahomes and the officials are now in love with each other, which would explain how Rashee Rice was called for a ridiculous OPI. (But, really, who's counting?)

Anyway, back to Judon. The truth is that we get it. Judon is sitting out the season with a biceps injury which means he had nothing to contribute in a meaningful way on the field. in short, he had to let his mouth do the talking this week.

Is he right? Of course, not, but again, you can't expect him to say something like "Boy, not only did we lose but the game was way closer than it ever needed to be since there's such a talent differential between these two teams. I mean, even if I was playing, I'd likely be sitting there with a towel over my head while gently weeping at the final result." That stuff just doesn't happen.

Good luck getting that... fourth win on the season next week, Matthew.