Lions cornerback hopes to 'shock the world' against KC Chiefs

Dan Campbell has his players fired up for the season opener.
Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers
Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

The Kansas City Chiefs are plenty familiar with this rhetoric.

As a team that's hosted five consecutive conference championship games in a row and winners of two of the past four Super Bowls, the Chiefs know well what they represent to other teams. They are the top dogs. They are the favorites. They are the pinnacle of success.

That's why every date against them is circled on that franchises calendar.

Coming off of their victory over the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII, the Chiefs know that each week of the upcoming regular season is going to feature an opponent going all-in on beating them. Players will be that much more energized. Coaches will be that much more aggressive. Fans on the road will be that much more obnoxious.

The latest example what the Chiefs typically hear from oppponents can be found in Detroit Lions cornerback Jerry Jacobs. Detroit will open the regular season for the NFL against the Chiefs in a bit of a surprise matchup. Instead of grabbing a contender for a high-profile contest to start the season, the NFL is giving Detroit a chance to showcase its improved team to see if they're ready for primetime in 2023 after nearly making the postseason a year ago.

Dan Campbell has his players fired up for the season opener.

Lions head coach Dan Campbell has been coaching up his players in terms of confidence and excitement. Check out how Jacobs sounds when asked about playing K.C. to start the season:

"It's time to show what Detroit is made of," Jacobs said. "When we knew we were playing them in the season opener, Dan Campbell came in and said, 'They want us to lose, so what are we going to do?' ... We almost went to the playoffs and they just won the Super Bowl, so they're trying to see if we're really like that. We're ready, I know we're ready. Every time I hear we're playing the season opener against the Super Bowl team, we're ready to go out there and play ball and shock the world."  

Even if the Lions just keep things close for the entire 60 mnutes, it will be a significant "win" for Dan Campbell and his team. Jacobs had 38 tackles and 8 passes deflected in 12 games last year fdsfaddor Detoirlo