Las Vegas chapel offers free Super Bowl weddings to couples named Travis and Taylor

What a weird needle to thread.

AFC Championship - Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens
AFC Championship - Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens / Patrick Smith/GettyImages

Given the way our world of smartphones and tablets can help businesses provide us with deals best suited to our tastes, you'd think we'd be used to targeted ads by now. But we're not sure if a Las Vegas wedding chapel is going to find anyone who can fit the weird niche they're advertising on Super Bowl Sunday.

We all know that couples can head to Las Vegas if they're in a hurry to tie the knot or want to avoid the typical pains of planning for months on end. A simple drive around Vegas offers a large selection of potential places for couples to exchange their vows. In an effort to stand out from the rest, Chapel of the Flowers has dreamed up a Super Bowl promotion that Chiefs fans will appreciate.

Chapel of the Flowers is giving away from wedding ceremonies for any couples named Travis and Taylor on Super Bowl Sunday—that's today—in honor of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift's ever-present romance. In fact, the chapel also agreed to marry the actual celebrity couple if they were interested, via a press release, but they're also good with just anyone with their respective namesakes.

"For those not eligible for a Super Bowl ring, how about a game-day wedding with some Las Vegas Bling?  If your name is Taylor and you’d like to get married to your partner Travis after the big game, this is your chance to score a free Vegas wedding!" said chapel CEO Donne Kerestic.

Of course, such a prize is unlikely to be claimed by anyone. You'd have to have a couple there in Vegas with those exact names who are ready to take the next step yet are okay with doing so in Sin City. That's just a tough needle to thread. Then again, no one saw the initial Travis and Taylor coming together in the first place, and if any fan base is used to watching someone thread a needle unlike anyone else—ahem, Mahomes—then maybe Chiefs Kingdom can unearth someone ready to claim a free wedding as well.