Kyle Pitts trade would be a reach (worth taking) for KC Chiefs

Atlanta Falcons v Detroit Lions
Atlanta Falcons v Detroit Lions / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

Through four games of the Kansas City Chiefs 2023 season, the biggest weakness on the team seems to have already been identified. The wide receiver position has been by far the most disappointing position group on the team and the one that has generated the most concern from fans.

To this point, the Chiefs wide receivers have simply underperformed. Their most recent performance didn't return great results against the New York Jets this past Sunday. The Chiefs receivers combined for 7 catches for 65 yards against the Jets and they struggled to get open all night.

Unfortunately, struggling to get open is an issue we've seen persist over the past couple of seasons since the team traded away Tyreek Hill. A step back is expected when you trade a player of Hill's magnitude, but the Chiefs' situation is especially concerning because the receiving corps is all potential and has very little proven production.

So far, the potential hasn't been close to being reached. While many acknowledge that it is still extremely early in the season it might be a possibility that these receivers just aren't good enough and won't be. Will the Chiefs need to make a move for another weapon that would make people feel better about the talent level of the team?

Atlanta's Kyle Pitts may be worth looking into for Brett Veach.

If it comes down to needing to make a move, a name that is out there that could be worth looking into for general manager Brett Veach is Atlanta Falcons tight end Kyle Pitts. Pitts, who is still very young and talented, may be worth dealing for Atlanta after a frustrating past couple of seasons.

Pitts kicked off his career after being a top-five pick in the 2021 NFL Draft with a 1,000-yard season as a rookie for the Atlanta Falcons. However, Pitts has seen a sharp decline in production over the past couple of years as controversy has started to surround his usage in Atlanta. Pitts failed to even eclipse 500 yards receiving last season which is a rare regression for a player of his caliber. Pitts went from 110 targets as a rookie to just 59 targets last season which is truly mind-boggling how you essentially cut targets in half for a guy that had 1,000 yards receiving the year prior.

So far, 2023 is off to a disappointing start for Pitts as he has recorded just 11 catches for 121 yards through four games. Furthermore, fellow tight end Jonnu Smith, who was acquired by Atlanta in the offseason, appears to have already leaped Pitts in the pecking order as he has 15 catches for 179 yards through four games and leads the Falcons in receiving.

The Falcons have stood firm on their intentions of holding onto Pitts in the past, but you have to wonder how much longer this can go on before Pitts himself requests a trade elsewhere. Either you're going to use him or you're not and don't see him as that valuable to the offense. Regardless, Kansas City would be wise to check in on his availability or what the asking price would even be.

The interesting thing with Pitts is he's a tight end and not a wide receiver. So, this wouldn't exactly be addressing wide receiver, but it would give the Chiefs another extremely talented pass-catcher and one of the most exciting tight end prospects in a decade. Pitts would also be a dream scenario because he would kill two birds with one stone. Not only could he be a viable receiving threat for Patrick Mahomes for the rest of the season, but he could realistically be the long-term replacement for Travis Kelce as he gets older and his career comes to a close.

What makes Pitts special is his route running ability at his size as well as his speed for the position. Pitts is essentially a giant wide receiver which is similar to how the Chiefs view Travis Kelce. He would be an ideal red zone target and should draw plenty of attention from defenses which would finally allow other receivers on the Chiefs to get open a little more easily.

How realistic would a trade for Pitts be? It may not look within reach right now but it's a long season and plenty can change between now and the NFL trade deadline. Pitts would likely require some significant draft capital, but he's also a guy that doesn't come available very often and the Chiefs would be wise to monitor his situation given the team fit.