KC Chiefs Stock Watch, Week 15: Kadarius Toney continues to disappoint

Chiefs take care of business against the lowly Patriots on the road, but left a lot to be desired

Kansas City Chiefs v New England Patriots
Kansas City Chiefs v New England Patriots / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages
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Stock Up: Rashee Rice

Rashee Rice is WR1 and should be on the field on any and all critical offensive snaps from here on out. Rice is so far ahead of every other wide receiver that it is the highest of failures to have him on the sideline for anyone else during clutch moments. Rice now has more receiving yards than MVS, KT, and Skyy combined, which is insane to think about, considering that Rice is still a rookie. I do not care how much more experience anyone else has or how long they have been in Andy Reid's system. No receiver on this roster warrants being on the field more than Rashee Rice.

Andy and the playcallers are starting to feel like I feel, judging from Rice's increased usage over the past month. Over the past four games, Rice has averaged eight catches for 84 yards and has a touchdown in three. He now leads the Chiefs in receiving touchdowns with 7 and is second on the team in both yards (754) and receptions (68). Even though Rice has his own issues with ball security, he is not the net negative like nearly every other receiver on this roster is. Keep feeding Rice the ball and live with the consequences.

Stock Down: Kadarius Toney

If it is not one thing, it is another with Kadarius Toney. Week One was the drop right into the hands of the Lions defender to help seal our first loss of the year. Last week, it was the offsides heard around the world. This week, one drop on third down, which would pick up a first down, followed by another drop, which ended up in the Patriots' possession and led to a touchdown two plays later to make it a ten-point game.

It is truly fascinating to watch a player so clearly talented in flashes continue to make negative play after negative play after negative play with no positive plays in between. Despite the insistence from Kelce, Reid, and the Kingdom, this version of Toney has no place on an NFL roster competing for a championship. He has only one touchdown on the year, has fewer total yards and yards per catch than Skyy Moore, and is about to send his quarterback to an asylum.

The worst part about this whole debacle is who you can even put out there to replace him. Are you going to continue throwing MVS out there? Do you really think Richie James is the answer? Or are we just going to roll with Rashee Rice and Justin Watson as our only two wide receivers the rest of the way? If that is what it takes to defend the trophy, the Kingdom will gladly accept it because this right here ain't doing it.