KC Chiefs: Predicting each game of the 2023 season

How well will the defending Super Bowl champions perform in the 2023-24 regular season? What will their final record be and where will they finish in the AFC standings?
Aug 13, 2023; New Orleans, Louisiana, USA; Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes (15) calls
Aug 13, 2023; New Orleans, Louisiana, USA; Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes (15) calls / Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports
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Week 3: vs Chicago Bears (3:25, FOX)

The Chicago Bears are one of the NFL's most captivating teams this season. Following their dismal 3-14 record last year, they've captured attention due to the optimism shared by their many fans. This renewed hope stems from their fortified offensive line, the acquisition of DJ Moore, and anticipated strides taken by their young quarterback, Justin Fields.

As of today, Justin Fields is not a good quarterback. While he's exhibited electrifying prowess as a rushing threat, his passing game has been underwhelming. Despite his exceptional talent, his overall game remains a work in progress.

Undoubtedly, the Bears embody a youthful and determined spirit. However, in a head-to-head comparison, the Chiefs maintain a definitive edge. As such, it would constitute a huge upset were Chicago to win at Arrowhead Stadium in Week 3.

Result: Chiefs WIN 31-20 and take off to 3-0.

Week 4: at New York Jets (7:20, NBC)

Could this be the moment we've been waiting several years for – an impending showdown between Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes after two missed opportunities? I'm cautiously optimistic (knock on wood).

A discourse about the Jets inevitably includes acknowledging the arrival of the future Hall of Fame quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. Nearly anyone would represent an upgrade over Zach Wilson, although the team confronts lingering concerns regarding their offensive line and the potential scarcity of receiving options beyond Garrett Wilson. The silver lining lies in their formidable defense, yet only a few, if any, defensive units can effectively contain the dynamic Chiefs offense.

While New York's progress is undeniable, I'm reserved in my assessment of whether it will suffice to overcome the juggernaut that is the Kansas City Chiefs.

Result: Chiefs WIN 28-24 and fly to 4-0.

Week 5: at Minnesota Vikings (3:25, CBS)

Here's another interesting tidbit: In the illustrious NFL career of Patrick Mahomes, there remains a single team (apart from the Kansas City Chiefs, of course) that he has yet to defeat– the Minnesota Vikings. However, this anomaly owes itself to Mahomes' absence due to injury during their sole encounter.

The Vikings heavily lean on their offense, spearheaded by the exceptional Justin Jefferson, to win games. Their defensive performance in 2022, ranking 30th and 31st in points and yards allowed per game respectively, needs to improve. While the hiring of Brian Flores as defensive coordinator is poised to instigate progress, the scope of a coach's influence remains limited. as the unit is still pretty talent barren. The Chiefs, with their profound offensive prowess, significantly outmatch the Minnesota defense.

Anticipate a fun matchup as two offensive powerhouses collide. However, the Chiefs, as the superior team overall, should retain the upper hand in this matchup. A loss here seems unlikely for them.

Result: Chiefs WIN 38-24 and sail to 5-0.