The Chiefs need this top free agent and other necessary overreactions to Week 13

Kansas City can still prove their doubters wrong, but they have done exactly the opposite for more than a month.

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Chiefs Kingdom had a pretty tempered response to the Week 11 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. It was a Super Bowl rematch after all, and it was a close game with good and bad. That patience disappeared quickly once the Kansas City Chiefs dropped another game, this time to the 5-6 Green Bay Packers. Sure, it was in the cold arena known as Lambeau Field, but this game saw the Packers beat Kansas City in every facet of the game. It was a painful primetime game to watch.

Here are the facts. Kansas City is 1-2 in its last three games. The Chiefs are not inspiring confidence in the media or the fanbase. Fans can be cheerleaders and rah-rah all they want, but this team lacks a statement win 13 weeks into the season. This team and its supporting staff need to take a critical look at their performance in recent weeks.

The season marches on. There are still five regular season games left on the Chiefs' schedule. Kansas City can still prove their doubters wrong, but they have done exactly the opposite for more than a month. Here are the overreactions and why they aren't as crazy as you think.

Overreaction #1: The Chiefs need to sign Zach Ertz immediately

Fans of NFL contenders all wanted their team to sign tight end Zach Ertz after his release. The Arizona Cardinals released the three-time Pro Bowl selection recently. Ertz reportedly requested to be released, as he was not getting any younger and the Cardinals are sliding further into rebuild mode. No veteran wants to go out with a whimper, and Kansas City can give Ertz a career-ending bang.

It was not long ago that Travis Kelce and Ertz were the league's premiere tight ends. Imagine those two on the same team four years ago. But better late than never still applies in professional football. This is not as much of a pipe dream as some will admit, either. ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that Ertz was considering coming to Kansas City ahead of Week 13.

The results in Green Bay should make Kansas City's front office evaluate how they can improve the pass-catching corps before the season's end. There is no better option available than Ertz. Brett Veach and company need to be aggressive and attack the pass-catching problem.

No, this is not a free-agent signing that will solve everything overnight. Ertz, like Kelce, is an aging veteran with his best years behind him. But, this is a two-fer signing. Adding Ertz gives Mahomes another option that is not a wide receiver, as the two-time MVP does not trust most of the wide receiver corps.