Chiefs Mock Draft: What if Wanya Morris is the future left tackle?

We play out mock scenarios where tackle isn't a draft need for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Rice v Texas
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After the Kansas City Chiefs defeat at the hands of the Green Bay Packers, they head into Week 14 ready to take on the Buffalo Bills.

College Football has wrapped up its regular season and players are beginning to declare for the 2024 NFL Draft. All-Star games have begun to put together their rosters and some players have likely played their last college football game. This marks a big checkpoint of the NFL draft cycle, as bowl games are always tricky to analyze. It won't be long before the Senior Bowl and other all-star games are the talk of the draft.

For this exercise, we'll use Pro Football Network's mock draft simulator. Throughout the draft cycle, we'll rotate draft simulators to vary the results. With an encouraging performance from rookie Wanya Morris against the Packers, we explore what a draft class can look like without a big need at tackle. The Chiefs will likely still need another tackle with Donovan Smith heading to free agency but Morris might not make it a top need.

Round 1 (25): Emeka Egbuka, WR, Ohio State

How many times have we said this year that the Chiefs just need a steadying force at wide receiver? Emeka Egbuka can be just that for this offense. Egbuka is a pro-ready prospect, coming from one of the most successful wide receiver producers in college football. He has limitations, no doubt, but he likely be a top 2 receiver in a lesser class. His route running, run after the catch, and burst make him an easy option for any offense looking to open up the middle of the field. His lack of size might limit him to the slot, but he's been effective on the outside in college.

How he fits: The Chiefs have a lot of players to fill the same role and they need to simplify it. Egubka would be the best slot receiver on the team today. Yes, Rice and Kelce also run out of the slot, but there's a floor with Egbuka that isn't there with Rice in the slot. Right now, Rice has been a YAC weapon with a low ADOT (average depth of target) and the Chiefs will need to leverage him down the field more but Egbuka can help with that too. Any team doubling Travis Kelce will instantly feel the impact of Egbuka. Don't underestimate his YAC ability either, he can break off big chunks in a screen, too.

Shades of: Tyler Boyd