KC Chiefs mentioned as ideal home for Jamal Adams

Bill Barnwell of ESPN states his case why the Kansas City Chiefs should consider signing Jamal Adams to their defense.
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Bill Barnwell of ESPN states his case why the Kansas City Chiefs should consider signing Jamal Adams to their defense.

For all of the potential moves that fans would like the see the Kansas City Chiefs make at this point in the offseason, the secondary is not the typical place mentioned for any further veteran signings—especially at safety.

ESPN analyst Bill Barnwell has a different idea.

Barnwell recently went about the work of finding 10 new homes for NFL veterans who are either available in free agency or clearly on the trade block. From New Orleans Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore to Tennessee Titans wide receiver Treylon Burks, there are several moves that make sense. And then there's this curious pitch.

Specifically, Barnwell says he'd like to see the Chiefs make a move to get Jamal Adams in the mix for Steve Spagnuolo's defense. On paper, especially at first, it doesn't make much sense, but before we get into it, let's just allow Barnwell to speak for himself.

"At this point, Adams needs to be spotted in a situational role as a strong safety and even as a potential linebacker on passing downs. After he had 16 sacks from 2019 to 2020, he hasn't had a single sack across the past three campaigns, so it remains to be seen whether the explosiveness that marked his earlier days is still there. At the right price, I have to believe the upside is worth the risk that Adams, 28, just isn't the player he was earlier in his career."

Barnwell is quick to admit that Adams is not the version of Jamal Adams that used to make All-Pro lists and major contractual demands. It feels insane even to reference the same player for whom the Seahawks sent a QB's bounty worth of draft picks only a few years ago. So Barnwell admits he's older, oft-injured, and needs to be cheaper.

Still, fans are likely going to point out that Adams isn't even athletic enough to offer the versatility to play up high and offer help on deeper routes. That means he's playing close to the line of scrimmage just like several other candidates for the Chiefs, including Justin Reid, Jaden Hicks, Chamarri Conner, et all. if K.C. already has so many safeties (including Bryan Cook), then where would be play? Here's Barnwell:

"Get him to Chiefs coordinator Steve Spagnuolo, who can surely find a spot in the lineup for a player with Adams' talent and ability as a blitzer. Kansas City lost Mike Edwards and Willie Gay this offseason, and although it used a fourth-round pick on safety Jaden Hicks, Adams could compete for a role as a situational safety and linebacker. There's a chance he might not make the team, but the Chiefs are shopping in the luxury aisle given their roster. If he will take a deal built around per-game roster bonuses, I would love to see him in camp with Kansas City."

Now here it does get interesting. The Chiefs are heavy on thumpers in the second level with only Drue Tranquill to speak of in coverage. With the loss of Willie Gay, it does make sense to profile Adams as a potential competitor to go with the likes of Jack Cochrane, Cole Christiansen, Curtis Lofton and more.b