KC Chiefs: Important takeaways from roster cut deadline

Let's look at several things we learned at the NFL's roster cuts deadline about the Chiefs.
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QB backup is mixed up

We're not exactly sure what to make of things at backup quarterback, if we're honest. That's because the Chiefs decided to waive both Shane Buechele and Chris Oladokun before the deadline.

While Oladokun feels like a safe bet to clear waivers and make it back onto the Chiefs' practice squad, should they choose to bring him back, the potential of losing Buechele to a waiver claim from any other team in the NFL feels like a very real possibility. Remember, Buechele was already claimed from the practice squad back in 2021 by the Arizona Cardinals, which forced the Chiefs to keep him on the active roster.

If a team likes a player enought to stash him on the active roster as a healthy scratch for a year-and-a-half, then it seems reasonable that they would continue to carry him after he put up a very impressive preseason. Yes, Buechele did throw two interceptions on Saturday in the final preseason game, but only one was really his fault and one errant throw in the preseason should not undermine some inspired play in multiple games.

Are the Chiefs really rolling with only Blaine Gabbert behind Patrick Mahomes? It sure looks that way.